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OSU Assignment - 3D Modeling: Blobject Fabrication

Assignment: Blobject - A blob figure must interact with a cube. The way in which our blabs interact with the cube is up to us.

For the final part of our Blobject assignment, we were instructed to fabricate our blobjects that we rendered. To fabricate my blobject project, I used a combination of my 3D rendered blob and a laser cut 3"x3" cube made of wood. Getting the pieces together was the simplest part. The 3D printer I used printed a great physical copy of my blob. Since I used a laser cutter in my last semester of school, I didn't have any trouble creating the 3"x3" box. The challenges I faced with the fabrication process was assembling the various pieces. While not physically challenging to put them together, I did find it somewhat irritating to figure out what adhesive to use to bond the box and blob together tightly enough to where it would not immediately fall apart. In the end, I used a mix of wood glue and a hot glue gun. I used wood glue to bond the blog to the cube and I used hot glue to bond the tentacles to the box. All in all, the overall project is very close to the 3D render I created. I am definitely happy with the end result.

Thank you,

Rustin Petrae

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