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OSU Assignment: Senior Project Documentation

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

For my senior exhibit project, I decided to bring a game/sport I created for a novel series I am writing called Avalon into the world as a real, playable game. A little backstory on the Avalon series that I created. In it, magic suddenly returns to the world after thousands of years of being gone. In the beginning there is war and chaos as humanity develops magical abilities. When the dust settles, the world has been divided up into a dozen different kingdoms. The greatest of them is the Kingdom of Avalon. Proelia is a popular sport played by the characters in my story. In it, players must conjure 5 "sprites" that they use to battle the other player's/team's sprites. The winner is the player/team that completely eliminates all other sprites using a variety of magical attacks and direct attacks from their own sprites.

One of my favorite things to do is to bring elements of my stories into the real world, whether that be through tshirt designs, mugs, stickers, etc. With my Avalon series, I wanted to adapt the concept of Proelia to be a playable game in the real world. To do this, I made it a hybrid game that uses a board along with different cards, spell cards, trap cards, and "sprites" that is moved across the board.

More on Proelia:

About the Game: Proelia is a fantasy tabletop game based on a sport of the same name from my fantasy book series called Avalon. I wanted to take something I created for my books and bring it out here, into the real world. In my series, Proelia is a sport played by a lot of people (from adults to kids) where they summon magical constructs called sprites that they use to fight. A player only wins if their sprites destroy the other player’s. Proelia can be played with up to 6 players in either single battle, paired battle (played with a partner), or team battle (play with teams of three).

The tabletop variant I am creating for my senior exhibit project combines the game board itself, sprite pieces with their respective sprite cards, energy cards, spell cards, and trap cards. There are two dice used in this game, a 6 sided dice and a 20 sided dice. The 6 sided dice is for movement and the 20 sided dice determines if an attack hits and, if so, how much damage it does to the other sprite.

  • Game Play - Players have 5 character pieces (their sprites) that they move across the game board. Once a sprite is within 2 spaces of an opponent sprite, they can attack. A player only wins when all other opponent sprites are eliminated from play. To eliminate a sprite, its health must first be zeroed out. A sprite’s health is shown on their respective sprite card along with their special abilities and other stats.

  • Spell Cards - Players can use specialized attack cards called spell cards. These cards can be used at whatever distance to attack any opponent’s sprite but it can only be used on one sprite at a time. Once used, the spell card must then go into the discard pile.

  • Trap Cards - Players can use specialized cards called trap cards. These cards are designed to stall or halt an opponent sprite’s momentum. In some instances, they also deal damage as well. Each trap card is placed face down and has to meet a special condition before it can be activated. Only 3 trap cards can be put face down on the player’s dock at one time. Once on the dock, a trap card is in play and must wait on its condition to be met.



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