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IndestructiblePAST - eBook.jpg
IndestructiblePAST - eBook.jpg

Broke, desperate, and on the verge of getting kicked out of college, Alex Porter decides to sign up for a medical experiment to get enough money to pay his tuition. But he’s too scared to go alone so he signs up his best friend, Darius Clark, to do the trial with him.

Despite the fact that both are terrified of what they might be walking into, they still go ahead with the test. The day of the trial comes and as soon as the experimental drug hits their system, it wreaks complete havoc on their bodies. Convulsions. Extreme agony. Even some electricity thrown in for good measure. They come out the other side alive, mostly okay, and with the money Alex so desperately needed. But that’s not the only thing they walked away with. There was something else.


The drug has turned them into something more than human. Something strong and indestructible. They only find this out after getting run over by a car and walking away without a scratch. The only evidence of the wreck is their torn and shredded clothes. Now they have true power and they use that to take on a powerful drug lord. But behind the scenes and unknown to them, is a highly secret, government agency keeping a careful, ever-present eye on them.

For Darius, the powers are a blessing he uses for his own selfish gains.

For Alex, however, the cost of the powers becomes increasingly evident.

Their sanity.​




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