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Hybrid Earth is set in a future where most of the planet's populace has been merged with machines. These half-machine/half-human creatures are called Hybrids.

In December of 2023, a coordinated terrorist attack on a majority of the world's nuclear power plants created a devastating fallout environment across most of the globe. Millions were killed but the survivors gathered in "safe zones" (cities where the fallout didn’t reach) and went about trying to rebuild. They put together a team of the most brilliant minds the world had to offer and they came up with a solution. They created billions of nanobots that could absorb residual radioactive particles which would, in turn, make the areas destroyed by fallout habitable again. The scientist's ran hundreds of tests and scenarios, all with excellent outcomes, and decided that the project was ready to implement. The nanobots were released into the areas effected by radiation and did what they were supposed to do. They absorbed it. After the absorption phase, however, things didn't go according to plan. Instead of heading back to a safely secured site for decontamination, the nanos dispersed themselves over the entire Earth. When they fell back down, they merged humans with whatever machine or metal they happened to be touching at the time.


Hybrid Earth follows the story of Officer Xander Hastings and his Orb, Link. Together they try to keep track of the chaos and make sure that innocent people aren't caught in the crossfire. It's a tough job, especially in a world where nearly everyone has abilities and he has none. Despite the fact that he is constantly outmatched by beings more powerful than himself, he still finds a way to get the job done.


Hybrid Earth: Phoenix follows criminals, Ira Kelly, Ty Wilson, and Victor "VID" Daniels, as they are recruited in to a secret, HEA sanctioned agenda called the Phoenix Program. Their mission is to go undercover in New Genesis' shady crime groups and bring down the criminals from the inside. It's either that or go back to the Null. Is there really a choice here?


Hybrid Earth: Assassins follows the Triad of Sisters: Tessa Foreman, Ries Bouchard, and Avena Shuang Gou as they slink through New Genesis' criminal underbelly carrying out the hits their mob boss overlord, Carter Marks, orders them to.

Enjoy Hybrid Earth's free webcomic, Hybrid Earth: Bounty Hunters.

It follows Bounty Hunter Elliot James and his crew as they work to take down powerful, rogue Hybrids...the ones with the biggest bounties that is.


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