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Forfeit is a collection of stories that features eight original short stories. The theme of this collection is the word forfeit. In each story, a character is has to forfeit something important to them. Their minds. Their ideals. Their innocence. Their lives. 

The Phoenix's Gift: A man is forced to watch as his daughter lays in a hospital bed, dying. But then a stranger comes along and offers a gift.

Watching From Afar: Ripped from his life, a man is turned into a rampaging monster against his will. Now, he has to fight what was done to him so he can regain his humanity.

Burn Zone: Two detectives must unravel the mysterious fires plaguing their city before more people get hurt. For a guy that can see ghosts and another that can semi-read minds, you think it wouldn't be that hard.

White Rose: An agoraphobic braves the outside world on a bus full of strangers but it's not long before they start. The death songs. Soon after, there's a wreck and the death songs end...along with the lives of those making them. They all die...except one. Now he has to find out why. Why did she survive when no one else does after their song ends?

Enjoy these stories now.




A dark/paranormal fantasy, Cat's Paw centers around a 15 year old boy named Tad. 

In his neighborhood, something has happened. 

Something tragic. 

He sees the effects that this horrible event has in his neighborhood but is powerless to stop it. Until a strange cat shows up. The cat follows him around everywhere, refusing to leave him alone. And with its appearance, strange things start happening. Haunting nightmares. Instructions from a dead girl. And the cat that seems to tie them all together.

Its up to Tad to figure out what's going on and how to stop it. Because, a secret has been buried and uncovering its truth is the only way to stop what's happening.



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