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All Kendra wanted was a change.


After a bad day at work, she wants this more than anything. She goes to an old friend for comfort and decides it’s time for that change to happen. So she gets a tattoo in a last ditch effort to make people see her differently.


She never would’ve bargained for what comes next.


She’s seeing better than she ever has in her life. She can smell and even tell the difference between scents. She can hear a fly buzzing from fifty feet away. She’s faster. Stronger. Oh…and now she’s extremely hot.


But is the price of these changes too high?


And what about the shocking revelation of who-and what-her biological father really is? Sometimes change can be good…and then there’s the other times.





Six months has passed since Kendra Henner was turned into a werewolf and a lot has happened since then. A new treaty with the Order of the Defaeco Knights was made. Now her and the Bane Pack fight alongside them in an effort to keep humanity safe from the monsters that would prey on them.

But a new threat is headed her way and one that is vastly more powerful than anything she has faced so far. She must stand against her own fears and find the strength to fight the unbeatable.

In Hunter, a newcomer shows up, but are they friend or foe?

In Goddess, she comes face to face with an ancient evil hell bent on destroying everything she is.

In Vampire, a powerful new force is created to destroy her and her pack.

In Death, she must face a band of seemingly invincible vampires lead by a man with more than enough motivation to wipe out all werewolves.

Continue the story of the Bane Pack in Blood Ties: The Second.





Kendra has been emotionally shattered following the death of her boyfriend, Conor Dewar. Her pack is suffering everyday from the emotions that trickle down from her to them. She has given up the fight and wants nothing to do with leading werewolves or fighting vampires. Everything feels so hopeless. In an effort to help her, Alrich decides to tell her his story.

Things don't exactly go to plan, however, when the Old One decides to intervene. He weaves a spell but Kendra’s eyes flash with cold, white light. The next second, both her and Alrich are gone. Disappeared into thin air.

In Remember, Alrich tries to help Kendra but the Old One steps in and things end up going wrong. One second, Kendra is in her bed and the next, she's stuck in a situation involving a mysterious mage and a fire dog.

In Loss, the Bane Pack is in a life or death struggle as the powerful vampire horde closes in and attacks. The protective shielding from the Old One has collapsed and Kendra finally steps back in to fight.

In Shade, Kendra is broken and her pack is suffering. To make matters worse, she starts seeing Conor’s ghost everywhere.

In End, Kendra finally comes face to face with Bendis in an all or nothing fight for not only her life, but the lives of everyone she loves.

Finish the story of the Bane Pack in Blood Ties: The Third.




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