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OSU Assignment: Senior Project - Progress

For the last couple of months, I have been working really hard on my senior project for my upcoming graduation from The Ohio State University. I am really excited to bring some of the progress to everyone here and now. Here's a little back history on my project. It is called Proelia and it is a tabletop game played with figures (called sprites in the game) that you move across the gameboard. Players maneuver their sprites across the board in order to attack opponent sprites. The player with the most (or at least one) surviving sprite is the winner.

Proelia is a game I invented based off a sport/game of the same name from a fantasy series called Avalon I am currently in the process of writing. In my newest series, Proelia is a popular game played by most of the population, from adults to kids. In my books, players actually conjure elemental sprites and battle each other until the other teams' sprites are eliminated.

The motivation, or inspiration, for wanting to create Proelia comes from my time spent at OSU. For most of the big projects I was required to do for each class I took, I wanted to bring these worlds I create further and further into the real world. In one case, I created automata statues based off my Histories of Purga series. In another class, I created an animation based on my Bane Pack series. In my photography class, I created illustrations of my characters and pasted them onto the pictures I captured - quite literally putting them into the real world. In essence, I drew excessively on these fantasy worlds of my own making and so, for my last and final project, I wanted to do that again. Hence, Proelia and making it a real, playable game that people can enjoy.

The pictures above outline the various rules to Proelia and there is also a pic of the cover art for it. As of right now, I am excited to say that the game's various elements have all been completed. At the beginning of this week, I received the rule book as well as all the different cards I had made from the professionals at The Game Crafter. I have also completed all the wooden pieces that I was able to laser cut at school. This would be all the sprite figures as well as the game board itself.

As of right now my last remaining focus, is to create a version of the game that people can actually buy via The Game Crafter's website. So stay tuned! It's nearly completed. I feel really excited for this game. With amazing art from the talented Fredrick Allison Jr (@art.of.fredrick), the awesome Cianna Petrae (@cosmiccheerios), as well as myself, I feel really optimistic about the game's future.


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