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OSU Assignment - 3D Renders: Remix Renders

Assignment: Remix Renders - Collect 5 junk objects of any kind from the street, trash can or at a thrift store. After collecting the objects, render them as 3D models.

For this assignment, we had to find 5 objects which were mass produced and either trash, junk, or no longer used. We first rendered our objects as part B of this assignment. The next part was to take those objects and remix them into a scene. I chose to do an environment that I first envisioned in a story I wrote. This environment is from a specific setting in that story called the Road of Kings. It is a road lined on both sides by statues of past kings. The road leads to the Citadel (the stronghold of the governing King of that race of people). I used the objects that I rendered along with some other objects and turned them into skyscrapers and buildings. Overall, I like the way it turned out and am very happy with it.

Thank you,

Rustin Petrae

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