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OSU Assignment - 3D Renders: Found Objects

Assignment: Found Objects Render - Collect 5 junk objects of any kind from the street, trash can or at a thrift store. After collecting the objects, render them as 3D models.

For this assignment, we had to find 5 objects which were mass produced and either trash, junk, or no longer used. The objects I chose was a toy stick figure that I got for my son and was abandoned shortly after, a Christmas ornament that is no longer up, a pencil lead case that hasn't been used since it was bought, a contact case that's a spare and not been used, and an old cologne bottle. I used several techniques which I learned in class to achieve these 3D renders. I am personally happy with the way they came out and I feel that they will work well with the next phase of this assignment.

Thank you,

Rustin Petrae

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