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OSU Assignment - 3D Modeling: Blobject Renders

Assignment: Blobject - A blob figure must interact with a cube. The way in which our blobs interact with the cube is up to us.

For this assignment, I went to my roots and designed a character. Designing characters or creatures comes naturally to me and this project was no exception. A blob type creature was, of course, what first came to my mind. I started with the sketches shown in my blog post before this one. While the final renders are not exact to my sketches, they are pretty close. I decided to take creative liberties with the 3D modeling software to give it more of a blob monster look. Once I learned and became a little bit more familiar with the software, I was able to get an image that was, more or less, what I originally envisioned when this project was assigned to us.

Hope everyone likes it!

Thank you,

Rustin Petrae

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