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Chaos (A Histories of Purga Novel) - Now Available!

The Histories of Purga Novels comes to a close with the final installment, Chaos. This has been a series over a decade in the making and being done with it is very bittersweet. I want to thank everyone for sticking with me and for everyone that has enjoyed the world of Purga, its characters, the highs and lows, and everything in between. As I move forward in my writing journey, I start my next series called Avalon. Stay tuned!

Blak spent endless time in the empty. The void. The dark place. He was banished there by the Sentinels. but he only bided his time. He gathered his strength and waited for when he would be set free.

That time is now.

Blak has regained his full strength and now Purga is in danger of being completely overrun and destroyed. Both of the great nations, the Rooks and the Terraquois, are all but decimated. The few survivors of both peoples must now pull their remaining armies together. Without a unified force, the peoples of Purga cannot hope to defeat the evil, chaotic, and god-like being.

Keiara has spent her entire life dreaming about adventure and Purga. Of seeing the entirety of her world. Rone has always gone out of his way to help those that needed it. Even to the point where he would risk his position and even his life. Niku lives and breathes to test his might against the strongest foes he can find. These are the traits that set these three apart and marked them as the ones prophesized. The Prince. The Savior. The One Born of Both Worlds.

Now, they must find a way to fully harness the powers of the Sentinels they command, and bring everyone together in a final, titanic battle to defeat an ancient evil.

Get the ebook, hardback, and paperback version now at Amazon!

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Thank you,

Rustin Petrae

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