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Now Available! Forfeit: A Collection of Short Stories

At long last, my anthology, Forfeit, is finally available for purchase. This has been about a year in the making so I hope that everyone enjoys the stories in it. The main theme is (of course) Forfeit. I chose this word because the characters in the stories all forfeit something important to them. It's painful and it costs each one a lot to do so. I feel deeply connected to this word because of all the things I've had to forfeit in my own life. Sometimes, I did so because I had to. Sometimes, I did it because I was forced to (whether I liked it or not), and sometimes I made the sacrifice willingly. I feel like this word is very powerful and it can have immense meaning. It's impact on a person's life can be both little and huge. That's been the case for me, at least.

Forfeit: An Anthology of Short Stories is available right now at and will be available soon on,, iTunes, and other major online retailers soon.

Here is what you can expect when you read this book:

The Phoenix's Gift: A man is forced to watch as his daughter lays in a hospital bed, dying. But then a stranger comes along and offers a gift. The Chained Man: The fate of a man just trying to live his life seems like chains that he can’t escape. The Lonely Death: With no memory , no name, no history, no anything, the only thing that a man can cling to is the job he’s called to do. Watching From Afar: Ripped from his life, a man is turned into a rampaging monster against his will. Now, he has to fight what was done to him so he can regain his humanity. The Tunnel: A woman suddenly finds herself stuck in a tunnel with no seeming end to it. With nothing to do but press on, she walks forward. Burn Zone: Two detectives must unravel the mysterious fires plaguing their city before more people get hurt. For a guy that can see ghosts and another that can semi-read minds, you think it wouldn't be that hard. Cat's Paw: The past and present merge in this supernatural thriller where a young boy has to confront the harsh and terrifying reality that a murderer is killing kids in his neighborhood. White Rose: An agoraphobic braves the outside world on a bus full of strangers but it's not long before they start. The death songs. Soon after, there's a wreck and the death songs end...along with the lives of those making them. They all die...except one. Now he has to find out why. Why this girl? Why did she survive when no one else does after their song ends?

I hope everyone who reads Forfeit enjoys it. If you do happen to read it, please review it and share it with your friends (if you liked it). Thank you!

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