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My Newest Design Collection for One Up Bands - Moroccan Dream

In addition to being a self-published author and comic book creator, I am also the Art Director for One Up Bands. We do a lot of awesome, custom prints on fashionable headbands, keychains, and even one of our newest products, the Fusion Belt. We have over 1,200 stock designs to choose from with new designs always being added as well.

The newest collection we currently have available is my Moroccan Dream collection. Inspiration for this design came from a basic quatrefoil concept but with a twist. I used differing shades of color to create a gradient look and then highlighted that with an accent color on the quatrefoil itself. With 6 different colors to choose from, you'll find one you like.

You can view the entire collection here:

Check it out. Our headbands make awesome gifts!

A little bit about One Up Bands:

One Up Bands offers several types of headbands to help keep your hair and sweat out of your eyes!

Non-Slip Athletic Headbands: Our flagship product, our non-slip headbands are second to none! With a soft, velvety underside and and elastic strap, you'll find them to be exceptionally comfortable. Plus, with HUNDREDS of designs, you're sure to find a whole bunch you like! All non-slip bands are available in our standard 20" and we also offer an adjustable band, which provides a range of 18-20.5"

Tie-Back Headbands: Made from a super comfy, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric, our tie-backs are ideal for just about anyone! From the guy with the shaved head at the gym to the cyclist who always wears her helmet - no one likes that burning feeling that comes from one itty-bitty drop of sweat working its way into the corner of your eye. Our tie-backs help you keep your eye on the prize!

Loopty Loop Headbands: One Up Bands continues to stay ahead of the curve with the latest in athletic fashion accessories: Loopty Loop bands. Available in THREE sizes, these comfortable bands are super soft and very stretchy! The best part is, these bands stay put, just like our non-slip headbands. So, stock up today and add a little diversity to your headband collection.

Elastic Headbands: Similar to our Hair Ties, our elastic headbands are great for the gal on the go, and won't pull out, dent, or damage your hair! Available in several colors and sparkly shades. Chlorine and salt-water safe.

Visit to browse our selection of products and trendy designs!

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