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My Review of: Sensation

Hello everyone out there. Sorry it's been awhile but I've been busy with a new job and trying to get Roc released. Crazy, crazy. I've still managed, however shocking that may be, to actually read a few books lately and I wanted to review them here. The first one up is Sensation by Kevin Hardman. This is a super-hero novel that I actually found quite fun to read. It wasn't exactly trying my mental powers with mysteries and plot twists, but I liked it nonetheless. Here are the rest of my thoughts on the book:

The things that I liked:

First off, I liked that it was a superhero novel. I love superheros. Love the powers. Love the heroes vs. villains angle. All that stuff and this book had a lot of it. There were a lot of characters and a lot of powers going around. Some of them were your standard superhero fare. Superhuman speed. The ability to fly. Telepaths. Psychics and stuff like that. And then there's Jim. Jim's power is the ability to have almost every power known to man, even if some of them kind of mimic each other. You name it, he's got it. When I first read the blurb about his many gifts I thought it was going to be kind of stupid, but when I actually read the book, it came off really well written in. And he knew how to use them too. Especially in one part and if you want to know what that part is, read the book. It actually was worth it, to me anyways. There are more things that I liked, including the story line and the characters, but we'll move on.

The things that I didn't like:

This was a fun read but there were some things that I didn't like. I wasn't big fan of the predictable story line. Although it was fun to read, it wasn't really littered with suspense or plot twists or anything of that nature. The one big twist at the end of the novel, I saw coming a mile away. I also wasn't real hip on how the band of villains in the beginning of the book were taken out and how easily it happened. One of them could see the future, so all I'm saying is that if you could see the future you would've seen what was coming to you. I don't think it should've been that easy to take out the super gang of evil villains. And that about sums up the dislikes for me.

Stars: Four out of Five

Overall, Sensation was a pretty good book. I enjoyed it and thought the characters were believable and the story line (although not suspenseful) was engaging enough to keep me turning the page.

To get your copy of Sensation, click here.

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