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My Review of: My Boyfriend Merlin

I found a free promotion for My Boyfriend Merlin on and decided to get it and review it. I am and have always been very fascinated with Merlin and the Arthurian legend so I figured this would definitely be worth checking out. It was an interesting read. Less in the romance and heavy on the action which I always like (although the romance is still there). Here are my thoughts on the book.

The things that I liked:

Merlin of course. He was obviously one of the central characters and I was glad to see the way he was portrayed. There was an air of mystery about him that I thought went well with the character. The sword and the stone was also very cool. I really liked how the author decided to incorporate that. It was unique. I did like the characters in the novel as well. They all had pretty good depth and believable personalities. They kept my interest throughout the book. Ryan was a very headstrong girl and it got her into predictably bad situations but she was also strong and capable. Vane was probably one of my favorite characters. Love the wise-cracking types that seem to not care but end up caring a lot. I know that the title leads you to believe one thing and the novel doesn't hold true to that but I wasn't disappointed. It was still pretty entertaining.

The things that I didn't like:

It started really slow for me. I had a hard time actually reading maybe the first one-third of the book. After that though, it got a lot easier. The story just really started flying. There were some errors and typos in the beginning that I noticed but the rest of the book wasn't quite as bad. There were maybe two or three that I remember. The biggest gripe I have is with some of the characters. I couldn't quite follow who was who and why they were doing certain things. Oliver and Paul were the main ones. I didn't feel like their actions toward the end were really explained in depth and it left me confused. There were other things like that which were distracting but it didn't detract from the novel too badly.

Stars: Four out of Five

This book, although it started slowly for me, did impress me by the end.

Overall I thought it was a fun enjoyable read and it deserved the four star rating. The characters were believable and the writing was good. It does make me want to read the next books in the series and I would like to know how the story ends. Also, the gargoyles being incorporated into the story was a very nice added touch.

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