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My Review of: Myth Weaver

First of all, I would to start by saying that I was given Myth Weaver by David Normoyle in exchange for an honest review. I would also like to say that below are my honest opinion and that's all. Some people have different views and that is fine too.

The Things I Liked:

One of the things that I liked most abut this book is that the cover art was really well done. It looks cool. Second, I did like the fact that the MC was actually put into the myths. I liked that he actually saw through Achilles's eyes. That he was Loki. Ecetera. Basically, that was all I liked.

The Things I Didn't Like:

I thought that the writing style was hard to follow. There were a lot of errors and typos that I found myself stumbling over. The MC wasn't very convincing (or any other character for that matter). The dialogue needs a lot of work and I would suggest that the author seek out a good proofreader. I think that there should be more definition of the "realwhirl" and the MC's imagined worlds. Sometimes it was really hard to differentiate between the two. I would've liked to see the two different plots (judging the gods contest and the "realwhirl" plot) meshed together better. It was a little confusing at times.

I liked the idea better and I think it has potential after some proofreading and re-edits.

Stars: Two out of Five

Follow the link to get your copy of Myth Weaver.

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