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OSU Assignment - New Media: Final Project Concept/Materials

This is the concept for my final project in New Media. It is an enclosed box system with five icons on top that if the button is pressed, a random icon is "released" and springs up to showcase itself to the person pushing the button. At the same time, the tablet will display one of the above five screens that corresponds with whatever icon has flipped up. Programming wise, I would (hopefully) program the Arduino to respond to the button by picking a random number between 1 and 5. Each icon also has a number from 1 to 5 (going from left to right). If the random number generator picks a 2, then the corresponding 2 icon is "released". At the same time, the Arduino would be programmed to show the 2 display screen that corresponds with the icon that was released. When finished, the person would push the icon back to its original position which would reset the whole sculpture.

Materials: Arduino, wood, metal rods, springs (most likely), wires, tablet for monitor, cord to program tablet with Arduino or to connect to Arduino, metal to attach tablet to box, screws, nails, wood glue, etc.

To get the icons, I will use the laser cutter to inscribe the icon design onto a wood rectangle. Either that, or I will just laser cut the whole figure out of the wood and inscribe the detail work on the inside. I might also inscribe a pattern of some sort onto the wood for the box.

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