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OSU Assignment - New Media

New Media - Project Concepts

Idea 1 - This idea features several bars that are outfitted with LCD lights. With this idea, I will program the lights using the Arduino to create different blinking patterns.

Idea 2 - This idea uses a mechanism that will randomly choose one of the five house sigils once a button is pushed. At the same time, a screen will depict that sigil with a description of the house it came from. This is based off characters for a trilogy series that I am currently writing.

Idea 3 - This idea uses a flexible screen that randomly slides through different art pieces that I have crated over the years.

Idea 4 - This idea uses several "skeletons" that will pop up when a person presses a button. My idea is to have some sort of cloth over the skeletons to give it the impression that it will morph from a man to these different animals and back again.

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