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Basilisk: Now available!

It's been a long few years trying to get Basilisk finished. I wish I could've completed it sooner but life gets in the way. With being an indie author, sometimes you have to judge how much your time is worth and which projects to pursue. Unfortunately, with Basilisk, there were a lot of other projects (including a lot from my day job as an Art Director for One Up Bands) that got in the way. I apologize for taking so long and I hope to get the next book in the series, Chaos, out much quicker.

Basilisk (A Histories of Purga Novel):

In the season of betrayal there will rise a catalyst of destruction. The three will come forth as protectors. The Prince. The Savior. The One Born of Both Worlds. They will stand as Sentinels to guard against Blak, the one known as Chaos. The prophecy the Callers have guarded for centuries has finally come to pass. The world of Purga is on the verge of complete destruction. The Terra homelands have been wiped out. The Rooks have been enslaved by Blak and his nightmare creatures called croatoans. King Rowan is in hiding, fighting just to stay alive. There is no safe place anymore and as the two races of Purga struggle and fight, their only chance of survival lies with the three. The Sentinels. There’s just one problem. One of the Sentinels has been captured and enslaved by Blak. His power is being controlled and now Rone and Keiara must fight against one of their own. With the world collapsing all around them, the only way to save everyone is to rescue the third.

Where to buy:

Continue the exciting and epic fantasy/sci-fi adventure that is the Histories of Purga. If you haven't read any of these novels, you can get the first book in the series, Dragon, for only $.99!

Thank you,

Rustin Petrae

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