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My Review of: Diary of a Teenage Superhero

I went searching for a new super hero novel to read and came across Diary of a Teenage Superhero. Since I am a huge fan of the super hero genre I thought it would be an awesome read. While I was a fan of of the action in the book and the abilities the author used, the book, as a whole, fell flat with me. The author gave it a pretty good try though. It did keep my interest through till the end. Here are the rest of my thoughts.

The things that I liked:

I liked the angle that the super teens lost their memories. I am a fan of the first chapter in general. I really liked how the main character woke up with no memory and there is a dying man on the floor. I thought that was a really awesome way to start a book. I thought that the characters were well written for most of the book, especially Brodie. There were some instances where I thought the author was trying too hard on their dialogue or their personalities.

The things that I didn't like:

The powers were very strange to me. I didn't really understand exactly what kind of abilities Brodie had. I also wasn't fond of the powers Dan had. I thought that his mental domination powers stemmed from his telekinetic abilities but those turned out to be a connection to metal. I didn't really understand that. I didn't like the author's continued it was more luck than design line. That, I feel is being a bit lazy. I also didn't like the inconsistencies. The man dying in the hotel room said to trust no one but the main character seems to trust everyone right off the bat. The only thing he does is show slight hesitation. There was also the big bad General of Typhoid. They had him unconscious but it is never explained how he gets away. What happened there? The predictability of the book was also an issue for me. I could pretty much guess everything that was going to happen from the super teens facing off against the evil doctor after they thought they'd killed to being betrayed by the guy they shouldn't have trusted. There were also a lot of fragment sentences. A little is okay for dramatic emphasis but nearly 70% of the book was comprised of them. It got a little old after awhile.

Stars: Three out of Five.

It was just okay. Overall the book did hold my interest but it was just okay for me. The characters were entertaining mostly and the plot did have its moments. It was predictable and there were some holes in it though. Maybe with some added revisions it can really step up its game.

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