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OSU Assignment - 3D Modeling: Biophilic Design

Assignment: Biophilic Design - To create an object that uses the principles of Biophilic design and is 2D printed and or laser cut or printed on a 3D prototyping machine, as the final output. Includes 5-renders fully lit and placed in the appropriate context, for presentation during the final crit on your blog.

For our final assignment, the choice that most resonated with me was the principle of biophilic design. I like the idea of merging human concepts with nature. The inspiration for my concept comes from my personal belief that instead of humanity/technology constantly being at war with nature, I believe it is more likely that in the future technology and nature will have a symbiotic relationship (with each one benefiting the other). To highlight this concept, I chose to create a pod with a humanoid figure inside. This is a birthing pod, if you will. The figure is growing and as we all know, to grow, the human body needs nutrients. The nutrients the human figure in my piece needs is coming from both the limbs of a tree and the cables of a technological machine (not pictured). I feel that this concept is very reminiscent of a womb and umbilical cord. The umbilical cord delivers nutrients to the fetus. In my scene, the nutrients are carried to the "fetus" by technology and nature simultaneously as if the figure cannot grow without both. This womb/pod symbolizes the symbiotic relationship humanity and technology will have with nature. I feel this will be the case because humanity evolves and adapts. In my mind, we cannot live without the Earth, therefore we will adapt our technology to incorporate nature and the Earth instead of directly assaulting it.

Thank you,

Rustin Petrae

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